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In - Flight First Aid

During the flight some passengers can feel bad (ill), that’s why on board each aircraft a first aid kit is carried to administer first aid. It contains some cardiac, some analgesic, some antiseptic, something for indigestion (dyspepsia) and other necessary medicines. There are also some bandage remedies, an electronic thermometer and a blood tester.

The medicines are in tablets, drops, solutions, spray.

CAs must help a sick passenger if he (she) has a heart trouble, a heart attack, a headache, a (head) cold, a stomach-ache or a stomach trouble, liver or kidneys colic, stomach and bowels spasms, a slight or high fever, an asthma attack, a sore throat, a toothache, a pain in the chest, a cough, a runny or clogged-up (blocked) nose, some fit, epilepsy, a cut, a bruise, gets airsick, gets nervous, feels dizzy (giddy).

Every airliner also carries a drugs kit which is a sealed metal box containing some medicines in ampoules for injections and some medical remedies, but it must be used by a doctor or a medically trained person.

In a more serious case let’s say a premature birth the purser or the captain can make an announcement calling for a doctor or a medically trained person (see the Handbook of Cabin Announcements, No.21 additional).

Answer the questions:

1. Why is a first aid kit carried on board each aircraft?

2.What does it contain?

3.What exactly are the symptoms?

4.What kit for a doctor is carried?

5.What announcement can you make calling for a doctor?

Word study:


To be ill, to feel ill, to fall ill

She is dangerously ill.

This passenger is feeling ill.

He may have fallen ill.


Sick people, a sick man, a sick dog, a sick passenger

I am sick.

I feel sick.

A passenger felt giddy and sick.

If you are getting airsick, use an airsickness bag located in the seat-pocket in

front of you.

Note: “I feel sick” in B.E. means “ I may vomit”, “sick” in A.E.

means “ill”.

Language practice

Fill in the blanks:

- During the flight some passengers …

- On board each aircraft …

- The first-aid kit contains some …

- The medicines are in …

- In a serious case, I can call for … or … person.

- There is … for a doctor on board each aircraft.

- A passenger may complain of …

- Do you feel …?

- Where is….?

- Do you have … or … colic?

- We have got some … for a fever.

- If you are … airsick, you can find an … bag in the seatback in front of you.

- We carry an … to take one’s temperature.

- To check the blood pressure we have got a … on board.

- The first-aid kit is to … first aid during the flight.

Translate from English into Russian:

Please - drink the drops

swallow this tablet after a meal

don’t swallow this tablet

put the tablet under the tongue

drop two nose drops in each nostril

undo your collar, loosen your belt

turn on your right/left side

sit down

bend your knee

lie down

breathe normally/deeply

raise your arm


stop crying

calm down

make yourself more comfortable.

Translate from Russian into English:

(use “Do you have?” or “Have you got?”

У вас болит - голова?




У вас - кашель?

колики в печени/почках?

приступ сердца/астмы?

расстройство желудка?



температура (жар)?

боль в грудной клетке?

зубная боль?

кишечно-желудочные спазмы?

Practise the dialogues (symptoms and action):


CA. - What would you like, sir?

P. - I feel ill.

CA. - Where is the pain?

P. - Here.

CA. - What exactly are the symptoms?

P. - A terrible headache and a cough.

CA. - Let me take your pulse. I’m sorry, it’s quick.

You have got a fever. Please don’t worry.

We’ve got some febrifuge.


CA. - What can I do for you, madam?

P. - I’ve got a heart trouble.

CA. - Do you have any medicine with you?

P. - Sorry, no medicine.

CA. - I’ll bring you some cardiac.

Would you like a tablet or some drops?

P. - Please drops.

CA. - Excuse me a moment.


CA. - I’m at your service.

P. - Sorry to trouble you.

CA. - No trouble. What can I do for you?

P. - I’m getting airsick.

CA. - Use an airsickness bag which is in the seat pocket in front of you.

Would you care for a tablet or a glass of water with

a lemon slice?

P. - I’m allergic to some medicines. A glass of lemon water, please.


P. - I’ve got an awful toothache.

CA. - I see. We have some analgesic. Would you like to take it?

P. - Of course. I can’t stand the pain any more.

CA. - Excuse me a moment. Please swallow the tablet.

It will do you good (help you).


P. - I feel like vomiting and I also have a stomach trouble.

CA. - I see. We’ve got some medicine for indigestion (dyspepsia).

But, at first I must isolate you from other passengers.

Please follow me, take this seat and use the rear toilet.


CA. - What would you care for?

P. - It’s very hot and stuffy in here, I need oxygen.

CA. - Please adjust your nozzle (airvent) for air conditioning.

Now, excuse me for a moment, I’ll bring you an oxygen

bottle. (speaks to the passenger in the window seat).

P. - Could you change your seat with the passenger next

to you?

(CA returns to the first passenger).

CA. - Hold the mask over your nose and mouth.

Press the mask firmly.

Is oxygen flowing?

Inhale (breathe in) through the nose, but exhale (breathe out)

through the mouth.

Breathe normally for two or three minutes.

(in 2 or 3 min).

- Are you better? Please take off the mask.

How are you feeling?

P. - Much better. Thank you for your help.

CA. - You’re welcome. If you need some more oxygen, please

don’t hesitate to press the call-button.


Doctor - Good afternoon, stewardess.

CA. - Good afternoon, doctor.

D. - What happened during the flight?

CA. - We have got the woman who delivered her child prematurely.

She had a very hard delivery, but we did our best to deliver her of

a child. They both are alive, but the woman is very weak.

Please follow me, doctor. Here she is.


CA. - Good evening, doctor.

During the flight I was watching one of the passengers, it’s

a man who had some symptoms of SARS (severe acute

respiratory syndrome).

D. - What exactly were the symptoms?

CA. - Some pain in different parts of the body, a fever,

a cough and a (head) cold.

D. - I see. What measures did you take?

CA. - I isolated him from other passengers, gave him some febrifuge

and analgesics, informed the Captain.

D. - And for your safety reasons?

CA. - I washed my hands very often and used the gloves.

D. - That was good of you.


P. - I can’t fall asleep though I’m feeling like sleeping. Have you got any sleeping tablets for insomnia? CA. - No, but we’ve got some sedative drops.

Would you like to take the medicine?

P. - Effective?

CA. - Yes, effective and harmless.


SARS - Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

(тяжелый острый дыхательный синдром)

1. Symptoms

- a headache

- a (head) cold

- a fever / a high fever (>38 C )

- a sore throat

- a cough

- some pain in different parts of the body

- asthma symptoms

- the pain in the chest while breathing deeply.

2. Measures that must be taken.

- to isolate

- to give some medicine for …

- to inform the Captain

- to inform the Ground Staff.

3. Safety Measures (for safety reasons)

- to wash hands as often as possible

- to use gloves and a protective mask

- to disinfect passenger cabins

SARS Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Before disembarking we have to disinfect the passenger cabins. We will be spraying in a few moments. The slight discomfort you may experience will disappear quickly.

Thank you.


сердечная боль a heart trouble

приступ сердца a heart attack

изжога a heartburn

головная боль a headache

насморк a head cold

нос заложен a clogged-up nose

из носа течет a runny nose

вздутие живота (метеоризм) a flatulence

боль в желудке a stomach ache

зубная боль a toothache

расстройство желудка a stomach trouble

боль в печени a liver complaint

приступ печени a liver attack

жар (температура) a fever

небольшая температура a slight fever

высокая температура a high fever

высокое кровяное давление a high blood pressure

низкое кровяное давление a low blood pressure

першение в горле a tickling in one’s throat

приступ астмы an attack of asthma

нервный припадок a neural fit

схватки (родовые схватки) some fit (labour fit)

беременная женщина a pregnant woman

будущая мать an expectant mother

пуповина umbilical cord

пупочная грыжа umbilical cord hernia

воздушная болезнь an airsickness

фурункул a boil

драже dragees

препарат preparation

желчь (желчный пузырь) bile (a bilious bladder)

зоб a goitre

оживлять, воскрешать to resuscitate

возвращать к жизни,

приводить в сознание

нарушение пищеварения digestive disturbances

аптечка доврачебной помощи a first-aid kit

аптечка врачебной помощи a drugs kit

накладываемые шины collapsible splints

скальпель a scalpel

успокоительные средства tranquillizers

возбуждающие средство heart stimulants

капли для глаз eye drops

капли для носа nose drops

антимикробные средства antiseptics

перевязочный материал dressings

опухоль swelling

(наруж.) кровотечение (external) bleeding

(внутр.) кровотечение (internal) bleeding

ангина angina

диабет (сах. болезнь) diabetes

диспепсия (расстр-во пищевар.) dyspepsia

эпилепсия epilepsy

малярия malaria

мигрень migraine

язва ulcer

боль в пояснице a backache

озноб a chill

сильная рвота a strong vomiting

простуда a cold

растяжение связок в голено- a sprained ankle

стопном суставе

спазм a spasm

сотрясение мозга a concussion

обморок a faint

глубокий обморок a dead faint

роженица a woman in child birth

родильница a woman recently confined

тужиться (при родах) to exert oneself

преждевременные роды a premature delivery

родить преждевременно to deliver a child prematurely

принимать ребенка при родах to deliver somebody of a child

сломать / перелом to fracture / a fracture

вывихнуть / вывих to dislocate / a dislocation

ушибиться / ушиб, травма to injure / an injury

больная нога a sore leg

больная рука a sore arm

больной глаз a sore eye

больное горло a sore throat

полоскать горло to gargle one’s throat

клизма an enema,

ставить клизму to give an enema

сердечное (лекарство) some cardiac

жаропонижающее some febrifuge

успокоительное some sedative

антисептическое some antiseptic

слабительное some purge

болеутоляющее some analgesic (pain killer)

антибиотики some antibiotics

от расстройства желудка something for indigestion (diarrhea)

от запора something for constipation

таблетка (и) tablet (tab), tablets (tabs)

раствор solution

пилюля a pill

капли drops

аэрозоль spray

ампула an ampoule

вата cotton wool

бинт bandage

лейкопластырь an adhesive dressing (plastic strip,

plaster, first-aid bandage)

шприц /игла a syringe / needle

пипетка a medicine dropper

носилки a stretcher

кресло-каталка a collapsible wheel chair

градусник a thermometer

гигиенический пакет an airsickness bag

никотиносодержащие nicotine inclusive remedies


Some Useful Phrases

Меня тошнит I feel sick (Am. E.)

I may vomit (Br. E.)

У меня обморочное состояние I feel faint

Я чувствую себя ужасно I feel awful

Я чувствую головокружение I feel dizzy / giddy

Меня лихорадит I feel feverish

Мне жарко /холодно I feel hot / cold

Я подавился My throat is stuck

Кость застряла в горле A bone has stuck in my throat

У меня першит в горле I have a tickling in my throat

Мне нужен кислород I need oxygen

Кровь течет из пальца I have a finger bleeding

Я сильно натер ногу I have rubbed my feet badly.

У меня I have / I have got

- легкая боль - a slight pain

- незначительная боль - a bit of pain

- острая боль - a sharp pain

…. в руке in my arm

груди chest

голове head

спине back

горле throat

желудке stomach

глазах eyes

ушах ears

ногах legs

- больной (человек) - a patient (a child patient /

(пациент) a distressed patient)

- больной пассажир - a sick passenger

мужчина man

женщина woman

собака dog

щенок puppy

кошка cat


Как вы обычно переносите How do you usually take to

полет ? flying?

Вас укачивает? Are you getting airsick?

Вас укачало? Are you airsick?

У вас кружится голова? Do you feel giddy/ dizzy?

Вас тошнит? Do you feel sick? (Am.E.)

Вы беременны? Are you pregnant?

Вы чувствуете себя плохо? Do you feel ill?

У вас рвота? Do you feel vomiting?

Где боль? Where is the pain?

Где вам больно? Where does it hurt you?

На что вы жалуетесь? What do you complain of?

Вам лучше? Are you better?

Вам хуже? Are you worse?

Как вы себя чувствуете? How do you feel?

Как вы себя чувствуете How are you feeling?


Вам нужен врач (медсестра)? Do you need a doctor (a medical


Скажите мне, чувствуете ли Tell me if you can feel anything

вы что-то (трогает больное


Вам нужны Do you need

- носилки - a stretcher

- костыли - a pair of crutches

- кресло-каталка? -a collapsible wheel chair?

Боль утихла? Has the pain subsided?

Боль прошла? Has the pain gone?

Вам здесь удобно? Are you comfortable here?

Вас кто-нибудь сопровождает? Is anybody accompanying you?

Кто вас сопровождает? Who is accompanying you?

Вы можете тужиться? Can you exert yourself?

Вы можете сами идти? Can you walk by yourself?

У вас першение в горле ? Do you have a tickling in your


Вы подавились? (поперхнулись)? Is your throat stuck?

У вас косточка застряла в горле? Has the bone stuck in your


Вам нужен кислород? Do you need oxygen?

Можно включить ваш вентилятор? May I adjust your air vent?

Можно расстегнуть ваш воротничок? May I undo your collar?

Можно расслабить ваш галстук? May I loosen your neck-tie?

Вы принимали это лекарство Have you ever taken this medicine

раньше? before?

У вас есть аллергия на Are you allergic to

лекарства? medicine?

У вас пластмассовый градусник? Have you got a plastic thermometer?

Хотите пересесть? Would like to reseat?

Желаете воду с ломтиком Would you like a glass of

pure water with a lemon

лимона? slice?

Принести гигиенический Shall I bring you an airsickness

пакетик? bag? (would you like …)

Я вам все еще нужна? Do you still need me?

Позвольте нащупать и May I feel and take your

сосчитать ваш пульс? pulse?

У вас есть свое лекарство? Have you got your own


Do you have any medicine

with you?

Вы ели что-нибудь до вылета? Did you eat anything

before the departure?

Что с вами ? What’s wrong with you?

А раньше с вами случалось Have you ever had anything

подобное? (Раньше вам было like this before?

так плохо?)

Что с вами случилось? What is the matter with you?

Этот пассажир умирает Is this passenger dying

доктор? doctor?

Вы можете реанимировать? Can you resuscitate him?

Он (она) жив или мертв? Is he (she) alive or dead?

Phrases when administering first-aid

Примите это лекарство Take this medicine

Проглотите эту таблетку Swallow this tablet

Не глотайте Don’t swallow

Положите под язык Put under your tongue

Выпейте капли Drink the drops

Накапайте капли по 2 в каждую Drop 2 drops in each

ноздрю nostril

Сядьте в кресло поудобнее Make yourself more comfortable

in your armchair

Расстегните воротничок Undo your collar

Расслабьте галстук Loosen your neck-tie

Ослабьте ремень Loosen your belt

Расслабьтесь Relax

Дышите нормально Breathe normally

Дышите глубоко Breathe deeply

Сделайте глубокий вздох Take a deep breath

Вдыхайте носом Inhale through your nose

(Breathe in …)

Выдыхайте ртом Exhale through your mouth

(Breathe out ….)

Держите голову низко Keep your head low / down

Держите голову назад Hold your head back

Накройте нос и рот носовым Cover your nose and mouth with

платком или подголовником your handkerchief or a

headrest cover

Откиньтесь на спинку кресла Lean back in your seat

Ложитесь Lie down

Тужьтесь Exert yourself

Согните ногу/ колено Bend your knee

Держите маску, накрывая нос Hold the mask over your nose

и рот and mouth

Прижмите маску плотно Press the mask firmly

Дышите, пока не станет Breathe through the mask until

легче you feel better

Дышите 2-3 мин. Breathe for 2 or 3 minutes

Следуйте за мной Follow me

Займите это место Take this seat

Займите место «В» в 18 ряду Take seat 18 B

Пользуйтесь туалетом в конце Use the rear lavatory (toilet)

самолета только only

Я должна вас изолировать I must isolate you from other

от других пассажиров passengers

Выполняйте мои указания Follow my instructions

Если вам нужна моя помощь, If you need my help, please let

позвоните немедленно me know immediately (by

pushing the call-button).

Повернитесь на бок Turn on your side

Пошевелите пальцами рук/ног Wiggle your fingers / toes

Поднимите руку Raise your arm

Пульс The pulse is

- нормальный - normal

- слабый - weak

- учащенный - quick

- с перебоями - dropped-beat

- непрощупываемый - obliterated

Если вам станет хуже, я If you feel worse, I’ll inform

поставлю в известность к/к our Captain

Скоро начнется снижение We’ll start descending shortly

Не волнуйтесь Please don’t worry

Не плачьте Please don’t cry

Успокойтесь Please calm down/keep still

Все будет хорошо Everything will be all right

Потерпите чуть-чуть Please keep patient for a while

«Скорая» будет ждать вас «Ambulance» will be waiting for

у самолета you at the plane

Следуйте за врачом в медпункт Follow the doctor to the First-

для медосмотра Аid Point for medical


Не бойтесь, доктор вам Please don’t be afraid, the

поможет doctor will help you

Это лекарство вам поможет This medicine will do you good

Это лекарство вам не This medicine will not do you any

повредит harm (this medicine will do you

no harm